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Five Steps to Selling Your Home

  • We set your price carefully

    The listing price for your home is a balance between the percieved value to a buyer and what you think it's worth. A market anaylsys gives you an idea of how your home compares financially with similar, recently sold homes in your area, and may also include how much you might expect to earn after closing. Call us to get your NO OBLIGATION Home Valuation

  • Don’t do major remodeling

    Don’t break the bank preparing your home for sale. Pricey items such as a new roof may be big hits with buyers, but rarely does the buying price end up covering the payout for such costly home improvements. When possible, stick with the simpler (and less expensive) options rather than major remodeling.

  • Making a good first impression (Outside)

    Curb appeal is important. Keep your lawn and other landscaping neatly trimmed, weeded and watered. Check the exterior of your home for signs of wear and damage, and fix what is needed.

    Clean the outside of the house, including windows. Many people suggest giving the front door a fresh coat of paint for that warm, welcome feeling. In addition, adding a few flowers in the spring and summer, or keeping the walks cleared of leaves in the fall and winter can be inviting to potential buyers.

  • Making a good first impression (Inside)

    Remove clutter from every room, including closets. Clean all windows, light fixtures and ceiling fans, and bathrooms should always be squeaky clean. Highlight the bath and kitchen by selecting some attractive new towels, curtains or cabinetry knobs.

    When showing your house, provide plenty of light and make your home a warm, welcoming place. Fresh cut flowers make a nice addition, and a pleasantly scented house is very inviting.

  • Trust the NRG Team

    We have found that the sales process does not really begin until buyers have begun to voice their objections about a property. Sometimes these concerns are serious enough to remove your house from consideration. Often, however, people voice objections as an automatic response when they really love the house and want to buy it. Many buyers won’t be comfortable making these objections with the home owner present. Trust us to help move the buyer from objection to sold!

NRG for Sellers

We recognize that a home is one of the largest investments most people will ever have. Sellers are rightfully cautious when they put their home up for sale to take steps to maximize the return on their investment.

Marketing Homes To Sell

We offer unique marketing packages specifically tailored for each client's property. Our team has the resources and strategic methods to get maximum exposure for each and every property, significantly reducing the length of time our listings are on the market.

The goal of our online marketing strategy is to sustain an internet presence that tops the competition. 9 out of 10 buyers are starting their search online. It is our strategy to market your home to a wide variety of people geographically, in turn creating demand among multiple qualified buyers.

We know how important your home is to you. Let us help you expose your property to the world for a quick and hassle free sale. We can promise you that we will represent your home with the same pride as if it were our own.

Please contact us for a sample marketing package for your home: No matter the list price, We Do It All for Every Home We Sell.